Kathy Osborne MA UKCP Psychotherapist & Counsellor - Docklands, Central London & Chelmsford, Essex

Creative Coaching

“The art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another” Miles Downey

Socrates is famously quoted as saying, ' The unexamined life is not worth living', which I take to mean that we all have an opportunity to experience being fully human, to develop conscious, ethical life choices. Articulating inner worlds and facilitating the everyday creative processes of living a fulfilling life is often taken for granted. People often view this activity as self indulgent or selfish; spending time focussing on themselves when there are so many people worse off or so many other things to think or worry about. Taking some time to reassess and focus on yourself can be immensely helpful to your life and to those around you. Focussing on goals that you wish to achieve can mean that they actually happen or change to suit you better. Wondering together with a trained professional about why you keep meeting the same old obstacles can be the difference that finally changes the way in which you engage with problems.

Mindfulness plays a key part in the coaching that I offer because of the clear perception it can bring to people's lives, imbued with emotional intelligence. It also builds more resonant relationships, enabling people to learn to become more attuned to each other, mutually supportive and less susceptible to unconscious behaviour patterns. Effective communication, empathy and clear perception are, of course, not limited to workplace issues or time limited goals; the ability to be mindful will enhance personal and professional relationships.

Coaching sessions can help with:

  • Building interpersonal confidence and advanced communication skills.
  • Being a compassionate and inspirational leader.
  • Becoming more at ease as part of a team.
  • Improving self awareness in terms of habitual roles and dynamics inhabited in relationship to colleagues.
  • Discussing questions and concerns about how to handle situations that they can’t discuss with others in their work area.
  • Confiding in someone who understands what they’re facing.
  • Developing as a person.
  • Being able to step back and look at work issues from a different perspective.
  • Managing stress, change, conflict and crisis.
  • Enhancing awareness of personal impact and performance.

  • Ultimately, coaching aims to bring out the best in an individual. I find that coaching works best when used to help address specific professional or personal development issues or to assist when taking on a particularly challenging work role or achieve a personal goal. My coaching service provides professional and personal development that is particularly appropriate for those who perceive themselves as having little time and do not feel a need to have counselling and psychotherapy.

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